November 28, 2008

Zanu Labour

The big story Friday and over the weekend is going to be the fact that 9 anti-terror police battered down the door of Opposition front bencher Damien Green because he has received leaks that have embarrassed Labour. Nine officers! That would be the entire number on duty in many towns. They don't come out to burglaries but anything embarrassing for the government and they are out in force. Tonight the Labour Party have truly earned their Zanu-Labour nickname.

The opposition always get leaked to. They always find ways of getting these leaks into the papers in the way that will be most damaging. The papers always print it because they aren't going to turn their noses up at a effort free story. When Labour where in opposition they seemed to have an almost limitless supply of stolen documents. By ordering the arrest of a senior opposition MP for doing his job of pointing out the governments faults they are asking for trouble. This is a story that is going to run, and going to cause huge difficulty for the government. The papers that were leaked to will have to stand behind Green. All the rest of the papers will stand behind leaking because it is their stock in trade.

Boris Johnson knew, and has said he knew, so it is inconceivable that Jacqui Smith and therefore Gordon Brown did not know like they claim. That will come out next and so the speculation will start as to whether McStalin ordered it himself. The 'Gordon Brown Saviour of the World' media narrative is over, and Brown himself will shoot himself in the foot soon enough. He always does as soon as the discussion moves away from topics where he can bore his opponents into submission through the recitation of tractor production statistics.

Here is what a serving police officer has to say about it:

Jacqui Klebb (our boss) has been getting a lot of embarassing flack from some leaks to the Tories. Cut to an unwelcome but deeply persuasive phone call or meeting in person for some compliant A.C.P.O. rank with orders to pull the pin on the leaker on the benches opposite. Next thing you know 9 of our finest are knocking on the poor political bastard’s door, carting him off for interview and searching his home and offices.

This is the end of Labour.


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